Our Favorite Christmas Recipes

Obviously, food is very important to us here at Pettigru Place, after all, breakfast is the other half of our name!  Never is that more true than at Christmastime.   The smells of cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg wafting out of a kitchen this time of year evoke so many wonderful memories of happy time spent with good friends and family. 

This week, we'd like to introduce ourselves to you, and share with you recipes for a few of our favorite Christmas goodies. Maybe one or more of these can help you create new wonderful memories yourself!  Check back daily until Christmas as we add new recipes.


From our home to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Cooking!


Tuesday, December 19      Broccoli, cheese, beer, ham soup...


Wednesday, December 20   Shaye's Super Mac and Cheese 


Thursday, December 21   Sugar and Spice Pecans 


Friday, December 22    Schneider's Spiced Tea 


Saturday, December 23     Breakfast Lasagna 


Sunday, December 24    Butterfinger Banana Cake 






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