Wednesday, December 20 - Shaye's Super Mac & Cheese

Today, you get to meet Shaye, the other half of our outstanding housekeeping staff.  Shaye has been with us since May of 2010, and has spoiled us all by being able to fix it all - I mean, really, the girl can get stains out of just about anything, can hang blinds and shelves, has done emergency plumbing, has the dexterity to glue and mend tiny cow creamer ears when they chip off, and is the one we call when we have to re-program a television remote control.  The woman is a true blessing to all of us here, as well as to her three beautiful children at home.  Her motto is "Team work makes the dream work", and her can do attitude, and sparkling, fire cracker of a personality keeps us in good spirits all year long. It's always a party if Shaye's in the house!

Every once in a while we get together to enjoy a meal and some laughs, and this recipe is the most requested.  Don't let the holidays go by without trying this one.  And, calories don't count over the holidays.  Seriously.



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