Friday, December 22 The Schneider's Spiced Tea

Happy Friday, Everyone!  Today we meet Randi, our weekday chef,  Randi has learned that no matter what else is going on, food is the one constant that keeps us happy and sane, so she makes sure she keeps us in food.  And by that I mean, not only does she plan all of our menus, shop for, prep, and prepare all of our delicious breakfasts during the week, but she also is in charge of making those cookies that live in the cookie jar! She makes sure we take a few minutes from time to time to enjoy a meal together, obviously that she has prepared, just to re-connect and catch up on all that is going on, both inside the B&B, and out, truly turning our team into a family.  Just knowing that you're about to walk into Randi's kitchen makes us all show up to work on time!  If you've ever visited during a holiday, the treats that appear then are all her creations (heart shaped cinnamon rolls at Valentine's Day, bunny cookies at Easter, phyllo pastry mummies at Halloween, and ugly sweater cookies at Christmas, just to name a few).   Randi can also find calm in any storm.  The kitchen can be in complete chaos, and she can quietly walk in and start a pot of homemade caramel to right the world again, and make the task of washing dishes seem like a privilege.  And don't EVEN get me started on her buttercream... 

Randi and her husband, Robert, have three beautiful daughters that are as energetic and spunky as she is!   They all enjoy spending time in the kitchen together making sweet treats and happy memories!  Her recipe comes from her husband's family. They keep a pot of it on the stove throughout the holiday for whenever they need a pick-me-up, or to warm up after holiday festivities.


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