November Recipe of the Month


Gourmet Breakfast Greenville SC 

This Pannekoeken recipe is our weekend chef's twist on a Dutch classic and has become one of our  favorites!

Makes 12 3 inch pancakes or 6 servings


            2 eggs

            1 cup flour      

            1 cup   and

            t salt

1. Mix ingredients.

2. Cook on med high griddle

3. Keep hot


            1 lb sausage

            1 small onion, fine chopped

            1 cup mushrooms, fine chopped

            Dash nutmeg

1. Cook sausage till almost done, add other ingredients.

2. Finish cooking until onions are almost dissolved

3. Keep hot

Cheese Sauce

            1 T butter

            2 T flour

            1 cup + or cream

            cup cheddar, shredded

1.Cook butter and flour at least one minute until butter is melted and flour has toasted without turning brown

2. Add cream and thicken. 

3. Slowly add cheese to melt.

4. Keep warm, do not boil.

To assemble

1. Poach egg to desired doneness

2. Layer pancake, then sausage filling, another pancake, top with poached egg and cheese sauce

3. Serve with marinated cucumber and tomato slices.  Enjoy!

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