Saturday, December 23 Breakfast Lasagna

Itís time to introduce the member of our Pettigru Family who has been here the longest, Suzy Jewell.  Twenty years in this house!!!  If you have ever stayed with us you have probably met her.  She is the weekend chef, website keeper, email handling, room cleaning, catch all assistant that we could not live without.  To the guests she is a wealth of knowledge about the house, restaurants, shopping, trolley routes, downtown, and the surrounding areas.  As a native of Greenville she is the go to for everything upstate.  To us, Suzy is the constant that we count on.  She runs like crazy to make sure all of our work gets done, taking up the slack anywhere we need her.  Her eye for details is the reason that the towels are straight and the pillows are at just the right angle.  Thank goodness, she is here to do the website for us.  Helping people all over the world find us and learn what great things Greenville has to offer is just one of the many reasons she is such an amazing asset.  Suzy handles all of that and three children that she homeschools.  And she does it all with laughter.  Can we say Superwoman?!?   

The recipe she is sharing is for our breakfast lasagna.  It can be made the day (or two) before or placed in the freezer when you have time.  Breakfast lasagna is a sausage gravy pasta dish that is wonderful to munch on all Christmas morning.  If you try making it, let Suzy know how much you loved it.  


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