Sunday, December 24 Butterfinger Banana Cake

On this chilly Christmas Eve we would like to re-introduce you to our fearless leader, self-proclaimed Chief Enthusiast and Owner of Pettigru Place, Lori Donaldson.  Lori is originally from Atlanta, but fell in love with Greenville, and we feel lucky that she decided to make Greenville her home.  She has owned the Bed & Breakfast since 2004, and has done incredible things to create a haven for weary travelers, a beautiful place where honeymooners can start their new lives together, and for others just wanting a special place to celebrate that special occasion.  Her eye for detail is impeccable, and her ability to be able to look at a room, picture the way she wants it to look, then bring that vision to reality is spot on.  We get so excited here when she says she’s ready to redecorate!  She is a boss that is willing to take a step back, and allow us to do the job she hired us for, the way we think is best, but she is also ready and happy to step in and offer help wherever it is needed.  Her very generous spirit, and huge heart have created an environment for us that happily make us want to be at work every day.

Her recipe makes for a very happy ending to a very long day.  Or, you could have it for breakfast...we'll never tell!

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